The heart of
Bishop Ranch

A new kind of workplace

Introducing 2600

Designed to accommodate nearly 8,000 employees, 2600’s four interconnected, four-story buildings span an astounding 100 acres, offering two million square feet of business space right in the center of it all at Bishop Ranch.

The campus’s lush grounds perfectly complement the modern design, architecture, and commitment to quality showcased by the building itself. LEED certified for excellence in sustainability, 2600 also features cutting-edge telecommunications capabilities, an entirely new 3,000-ton central plant, a new parking structure, and a world-class transportation management program.

Meanwhile the adjacent Roundhouse Market and Renzo Piano–designed City Center provides rich urban amenities in a relaxed environment, transforming 300,000 square feet of dazzling retail and dining space into a region-defining destination for business and pleasure alike.

The interconnected buildings at 2600 offer a balance of open and enclosed spaces to create a dynamic, flexible workplace environment.

With 100,000 square-foot floor plates, 2600 allows for a wide spectrum of workspaces that foster interaction, participation, and collaboration.

Employees will benefit personally and professionally from a progressive workplace designed to enhance productivity and workplace culture.

2600 sets a high bar for architectural and environmental standards and is LEED Gold Certified for its excellence in sustainability strategies and practices.

An architecture of participation

Creativity and innovation depend on the unfettered ability to share information and exchange ideas, which is what the interconnected buildings at 2600 are all about.

The harmonious balance of open and enclosed spaces sets the tempo for workplace rhythms. From quiet nooks and winding walkways that nurture solitary thought to large conference rooms for group socializing and meetings, the campus hums with an undercurrent of productive energy.

With its large blocks of contiguous space and open, flexible floor plans, 2600 is specially designed to encourage, enhance, and empower new ideas and growth.

The site


Building size
Acres of lakes

1.8 million sq. ft.
100 acres
13 acres


Floor sizes
Uninterrupted window line
Column spans
Floor to underside of deck
Minimum floor to ceiling
Vertical circulation nodes per floor
Bathrooms per floor

45K–125K sq. ft.
400 ft.
72 ft.
14.5 ft.
10 ft.


LEED Certification
Cooling from chiller plant

3,000 tons


With up to 650,000 square feet available for lease in the east and west wings, 2600 offers an unprecedented opportunity to become part of the dynamic, growing business community at Bishop Ranch. Offering a range of floor plans—with 100,000 square foot adaptable floor plates—2600 provides the ability to create a flexible environment that can grow and evolve along with the changing needs of our tenants. The floor plans below hint at the possibilities.

Floor configurations

  • 206,000 sq. ft. east end full block

  • 6,000–25,000 sq. ft. east central first level

  • 205,000 sq. ft. south end full block

  • 57,000 sq. ft. south central third level

  • 57,000 sq. ft. south central second level

  • 6,000–25,000 sq. ft. south central first level


2600 Bishop Ranch has a comprehensive program already in place to minimize its environmental footprint. This includes an award-winning transit program, an extensive recycling program, LEED Gold Certified buildings, and green cleaning. Surrounded by awe-inspiring, open spaces, 2600 is an extraordinarily healthy place to work.

Tenant testimonials

  • As a company, we are excited to bring our Northern California headquarters to Bishop Ranch, which will create synergies among our team and provide our employees with a state-of-the-art facility from which to work.

    Thomas Klingler, Vice President of Finance, Enterprise Holdings

  • Relocating to San Ramon will enhance our ability to serve our clients more conveniently and effectively. Our new office features outstanding efficiencies, a beautiful landscape, access to an award-winning transportation program, and many other amenities for our employees.

    Cindy Siljestrom, Donor Network West


Bishop Ranch has been owned and managed for 30 consecutive years by Sunset Development, which purchased the 2600 property in a joint venture with real estate investment company MetLife.

Sunset Development takes a hands-on, highly personal approach to providing world-class service and amenities to tenants. All Sunset Development properties are professionally operated and maintained by friendly on-site managers who are available 24-7 to handle requests, from a simple light-bulb change to an entire space reconfiguration.

  • Sunset Development
  • Renzo Piano Building Workshop
    Architect City Center Bishop Ranch
  • Interior Architects
    Interior Architect
  • Vanderbyl Design
    Brand Identity
  • Tom Leader Studio
    Landscape Architect
  • Skidmore, Ownings & Merrill
  • MetLife
  • Moana Restaurant Group
    Management Roundhouse Market & Conference Center